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01 | Sunny, Unlike the Weather

a melodrama in two acts

Sunny and Maia are getting married on Thursday after going on their first date on Tuesday because Sunny’s mom Mimi (not to be confused with their mom Mama Jelly) is going to die on Friday (time TBD). But when a storm knocks the couple straight to that Fateful Friday, they must quickly meet each others’ families and face fire, the glowing warning of death plants, evil twins, sudden duels, and the sixth duel rule— all before Mimi’s inevitable(?) death.

02 | Mourning Doves 

(or, the bird play)

After the death of her grandfather, Güendis finds herself missing out on her last year of high school to take care of her grieving mother, grandmother, and sister. Forced to grow up too soon, she tries to cope in her own way... with the help of a familiar and possibly otherworldly friend. Mourning Doves (or, the bird play) explores the decay/regeneration of a family, the pressures of being an eldest daughter, and asks:

"who has the right to grieve?"

partially developed through The Lark's Beyond the Binary writer's group

03 | Gold Star

a melodrama in two acts

Gold Star opens just after Lottie is left at the altar on her wedding day. Heartbroken and reeling from this grand deviation from her life plan, Lottie reflects on her past and for the first time in her life, begins to confront and navigate her sexuality. The play weaves together scenes set in Lottie's present (2008) and flashbacks to her adolescence (the 1990s) to form a non-linear exploration of memory, sexuality, loss, and growth. 

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01 | The Apple

a closet play

Meant to be read, not performed, The Apple is a micro play about hiding, mistaken identity, blood, and sweet sweet slices of fruit.

read The Apple

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02 | Angel in the Greenhouse

Butter Jones, Sofocles Saez, Tilly Costello, and Forrest Costello, aka The Greenhouse Gang, are called together one summer night after Butter discovers an angel has crash landed in his backyard. The four teenagers must decide how to get the angel back home-- or if that decision is really up to them.

written as part of The Bechdel Group's 24 Hour Writing Challenge

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01 | Sinmanga / Tattersleeve

On a magical patch of land called Flamboyan, lives Kemina and her twin brother Oihane. Kemina is bullied at school for having one arm so her mother, Melosa, restricts to her to their property for three years to protect her. Kemina remains there until she must go on a big adventure to save her brother and their land!

Listen to Singmanga / Tattersleeve 

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02 | Río and the Case of the Coquís

All the parents of Freshwater go missing and all of the kids turn into coquís, little frogs commonly found in Puerto Rico! Río has to figure out how to get all of the parents back from a hummingbird god and turn the kids back into humans!


Listen to Río and the Case of the Coquís 

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Loves Me | Loves Me Not

My poetry/photography has been included in the second and fourth issues of the Loves Me | Loves Me Not zine. This zine, published annually on Valentine's Day, is an web-based collection of poetry, short stories, photography, and other art created by queer/trans/nonbinary people/women of color, and edited by Jenevieve Ting and Nikita Lamba.

2020 was the first year that physical copies of the zine were sold in Los Angeles, CA.

Click on the titles to read my poems:

"untitled/caldo" (2021)

"you called me a pessimist" (2020)

"236" (2018)

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