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featuring Imani Russell as  Young Sol

via juliany f. taveras:

"Nelly, Alaida, and Sol spent hot summer days daring, dancing, and documenting their way across boroughs, rivers, and storefronts. Ten years later, time has seemed to warp everything, from their once-indestructible friendship to the landscape of the streets they used to call home. Desarrollo is an unraveling—a discovery—of what happens to the people and the places we love when put under pressure; like film developing in the dark, their stories are ones of transformation, of capturing the moments that change us."

production photos. 
photos by juliany f. taveras

show information.

Written by juliany f. taveras
Directed by Turtle Rivera
July 27 - August 5, 2018  
Corkscrew Theater Festival
Paradise Factory Theater, New York, NY
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