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Photo by Stratøs (2021)

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Photo by Stratøs (2021)

Imani Russell is a Black/biracial+Boricua queer+trans, and neurodivergent actor, singer-songwriter, poet, and playwright from Crown Heights (Lenapehoking). Trained in classical music, musical theatre, and acting, Imani has performed off-Broadway and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and is an emerging voice-over artist. As a writer, they think about the connections between time, space, family, queerness, and magic. In 2021, Imani was a member of The Lark’s Beyond the Binary inaugural cohort. They also write music under the name NANí and released a two-song EP titled sweetbitter creature in December 2020. Imani believes in Black queer+trans power and safety, Indigenous sovereignty, and art as an act of love.

Imani is currently looking for representation for theatre, film, and television.

Imani is represented for commercial work by Courtney Nelson and Zachary Smith with STATE Management's Lifestyle Division. 


JUL-AUG 2022

Since 2021, I have been working as a musician/performer with the team at Superhero Clubhouse on Mammelephant, a musical epic exploring displacement and identity in the era of climate change through the eyes of the world’s first mammoth-elephant hybrid and the humans confronting rapidly thawing Arctic permafrost. The world premiere is officially happening this summer in Manhattan at the Mabou Mines Theater. For more info, click the button to the right:

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