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2023 | Wild Hunt Sessions EP 

2022 | Sweetbitter Creature EP 

Described as "braiding from more progressive folk to folk-r&b" with "melodic swells and dives [that] create an atmosphere that is dually tense and relaxing," this EP I released in collaboration with Wild Hunt Records was my first drop in 3 years. An intimate solo session, this EP explores a small portion of my journey as a songwriter over the course of 11 years. 

Watch the session by clicking the player below:

Sweetbitter Creature was my first release under my new artist name, NANí. These two songs, "something like thunder" and the titular track "sweetbitter creature" were also the first time I composed for instruments other than voice and guitar. If you like gay music about yearning, check these out.  Available on all streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

Purchase through Bandcamp by clicking the eyeball icon below:

Tiny Desk Contest Submissions 

The NPR Tiny Desk Contest has been a great excuse/opportunity for me to record live sessions of my music. Below are all of my submissions over the years:

  • "sweetbitter creature" (2024)

  • "The Pink House" (2023)

  • "something like thunder" (2021)

  • "treat me like a lady" (2018)

Tiny Desk Submissions // Live Sessions

Tiny Desk Submissions // Live Sessions

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