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guns or glitter?:
a gender reveal party

a cabaret written and performed by Imani Russell

"Howdy ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and friends from beyond the binary! My name is Imani and welcome to my gender reveal party! That's right - my gender reveal party. That's my own personal gender in that box. This original cabaret (with a new self-penned song) is an exploration of how I made some self-discoveries with the help of music, Mitski, and figures of legend."

production photos. 

show information.

"Are you a boy or a girl?"

"I'm something beyond what this body says to you or me..."


In 2019, I wrote and directed an original cabaret (featuring a few of my favorite songs and one original) about the glory and confusion of being a nonbinary person in a very binary world - all under the premise of my own gender reveal party. The show was music directed by Jacob Kerzner as a part of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's annual Candid Cabarets.

June 6 + 13, 2019 
Tron Theatre, Glasgow, UK
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